Bookmark Books & Coffee

Bogmærke Books & Coffee
Bogmærke Books & Coffee
Price €2,81
Product number: BM002
Size: Str: 190 X 60 mm
Product description

With Mouse & Pens cosy bookmarks you get a nice front with cute designs, and a cosy and functional back with a bookcase with empty bookcovers for you to fill out with the books you plan to read. 

This bookmark has beautiful autumn colours and a cup of coffee along with the saying "Happiness is a cup of coffee and a good book". 

How to fill out the backside:

Use an extra fine marker to write the titles of the books you want to read on the clear spines in the cosy bookcase. 

Once you have finished a book, use a transparent marker to colour the spine in. Use different colours and you'll end up with a beautiful bookcase full og your favorite books. 

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