Bookmark Crime

Bogmærke Krimi
Bogmærke Krimi
Price €2,81
Product number: BM004
Size: Str: 190 X 60 mm
Product description

Mouse & Pen's bookmarks have genre-related illustrations on the front and a cosy bookcase for you to fill out with the books you are planning to read on the back. 

This bookmark is for the crime novel reader. If murder mysteries and thrillers are your preferred book genre, this is the perfect bookmark for you. 

How it works: 

The bookcase on the back with blank book spines are ready to be filled out. Whenever you stumble on an exciting book or hear about a new book you want to read, fill in the title on one of the empty book covers in the book case (use an extra fine marker for best result). Once you have read the book, colour the spine in with a transparent marker. Use different colours, so that you end up with a complete bookcase filled with exciting books that you have read. 

This bookmark is a great tool for keeping track of the books you want to read, and the books that you already have read. Once it is completely filled out, just go ahead and buy another one. We have loads of different designs for different genres. 

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