The Ugly Duckling A4 poster

Den Grimme Ælling A4 plakat
Den grimme ælling
Den grimme ælling
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Product number: A4-HCA007
Size: A4 - 21.0 x 29.7 cm
Product description

A beautiful poster for your childs bedroom or any other room in your home. The fairytales of Hans Christian Andersen are beloved by children and adults alike. This poster is a hand-drawn illustration of the famous fairytale The Ugly Duckling - a classic tale of a little duckling being teased and scorned, but who grows up to be the most beautiful swan. 

The poster is one of seven posters in our HC Andersen series, illustrating some of HC Andersens most treasured fairytales. The other six posters are Jack The Dullard, The Tinder-box, Thumbelina, Ole Luk-Oie The Dream God, The Little Match Seller and The Brave Tin Soldier.

All posters of the HC Andersen series have a beautiful trim with HC Andersen sitting on a tree stump, a quill and ink set, swans, a candle, a book of fairytales and a beautiful blooming tree. 

The series is a wonderful tribute to one of the most beloved Danish authors. His fairytales have been translated to 160 different languages, and he is known and loved world wide. 

If you, like many others, have read his fairytales as a child or have read them to your children, you can add a personal touch to your decor by hanging a poster inspired by your favorite Hans Christian Andersen fairytale.  


All posters are sold without frames. Buy a frame for your new poster here


Hand-drawn design by Mouse & Pen Illustration.
Printed on 300g quality paper.
All posters are packed with cardboard protection in a cellophane bag.

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