The Butchers Guide/PORK A3 poster

The Butchers Guide/PORK A3 plakat
A3-The Butchers Guide/PORK
The Butchers Guide - Pork A3
A3-The Butchers Guide/PORK
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Product number: A3-K004
Size: A3 - 29.7 x
Product description

The Butcher's Guide to Cuts of Pork is a must have for any kitchen and food lover. It reminds us of good old fashioned cooking and going to the butcher's for a good cut of meat. The hand-drawn design is part of a series of kitchen decor posters, which also include posters for cuts of beef and chicken. A perfect fit for a retro kitchen, or a nostalgic spark in an otherwise modern kitchen decor. 

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Hand-drawn design by Mouse & Pen Illustration.
Printed on 300g quality paper.
All posters are packed with cardboard protection in a cellophane bag.

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