Viborg By Poster A4 poster

Viborg By Plakat A4 plakat
Viborg byposter A4
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Product number: A4-HCT013
Size: A4 - 21.0 x 29.7 cm
Product description

Mouse & Pen's City Posters portrait the iconic landmarks of the cities with the wonderful illustrations oozing with naivety and nostalgia. 

The Viborg poster captures the beauty of the cobbled streets and beautiful old houses of Viborg with hand-drawn illustrations of Viborg Cathedral, the church Sortebrødre Kirke, the statue Kongehyldningsmonumentet and the Well of St. Kjeld. 

The beautiful lakes of Viborg are also portrayed and gives and tranquil impression of a city full of history - here in the small size A4 poster.


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Hand-drawn design by Mouse & Pen Illustration.
Printed on 300g quality paper.
All posters are packed with cardboard protection in a cellophane bag.

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