Our History


Love for retro and a nostalgic line is characterized by Mouse & Pen's popular posters and illustrations.



Helle lets her personality clearly shine through in her drawings. The different posters are drawn with a little bias and a lovely naivety that radiates joy to life, positivity and lots of smile in everyday life. Helle has drawn her entire life and has always been fascinated by the children's universe. Different illustrators like Christel Marott, Ole Lund Kirkegaard (Orla Frøsnapper) Ilon Wikland (Astrid Lindgreen) Cicely Mary Barker (Flower Fairies) has been the inspiration for Helle's style.


It all began in late 2015. The first posters were sold on the majestic staircase in front of the family townhouse from 1790 in the heart of pitoresque Ebeltoft. Passers were quickly greeted by the happy mood and life-assertive messages in Helle's posters and they were torn away. In 2016 local shops in Ebeltoft began to show interest in Helle's posters. The stores reported massive interest and they were sold almost as fast as they were put on the shelves. Since then, more than 170 stores across the country have joined the Mouse & Pen family. The products are sold today both at home and abroad.
Mouse & Pen is today a family runned company based in the familys town house in Ebeltoft and at the concept store is situated in Adelgade 47, Ebeltoft